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The present times has made people all around the world more conscious! People nowadays are even worried about staying in same place as others. Regardless of fear, the normal procedure of world requires people to interact and live together. some professions require continuous interaction with fellow humans.

Protective Equipments

Therefore, we offer you with the best Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) to offer everyone highest protection against all health and safety risks. This includes safety helmets, eye protection, safety footwear, high-visibility clothing, and safety harnesses. It might also include respiratory protective equipment.

Service we Offer

Personal protective equipment includes all the kinds of the garments, masks, gloves, etc. which safeguards the employees and any attached health risks. Among the numerous other gears, our most popular safety equipment these days is the 3M 1860 Safety masks approved as a Type N95 respirator to comply with exposure control regulations. This 3M 1860 safety mask might come in handy during laser surgery, electrocautery, and other procedures that involve powered medical instruments.

This 3M 1860 safety mask is intended to help lower the exposure to airborne particles in size ranging from 0.1 to greater than 10.0 microns produced in any of the said processes. It is also fluid resistant to offer the person using it with greater than 99% BFE against microorganisms and help decrease potential contamination and exposure to the spray, spatter, and aerosol of blood and other body fluids. They are available in regular and small sizes to cater to all.


How to travel safely: tips and useful tips

Among the tips for traveling safely , the first is to pay attention to your travel documents: before closing your suitcase, make sure you have taken them with you. Also make sure that your passport (if required) has a residual validity of at least six months.

In case you go to a country that requires an entry visa, it will be essential that you keep an eye on its expiration and conditions.

If you are traveling to one of the countries of the European Union, do not forget to bring the Team, or the European Health Insurance Card: presented in hospitals or affiliated medical facilities, it will allow you to receive medical treatment under the same conditions as the patients Country where you are located.

Always in order to travel in complete safety , a tip is not to bring valuables with you. If, then you have to keep them very carefully inside the suitcase. Same thing for particularly fragile objects.

Go immediately to the lost property office at the airport and fill in the Pir (Property irregularity report) for the complaint.

Having a good travel guide will also allow you to avoid any areas in your tour that are not recommended for tourists.

How to make the home safe for the baby

1 – When we put the baby to bed: do not fill the crib, put the baby to sleep on his back and no smoke in the house
To avoid the risk of suffocation , for example, it is better not to fill the cradle with toys, soft toys, pacifier strings or other games. Also not recommended chains, bracelets or pendants. The baby must be made to fall asleep on the back and not on the belly, in order to allow him to breathe correctly and the pillow on which the head rests must not be too big and not soft. The bed in which he sleeps must have sides at least 75-80 cm high, while the bars must be no more than 8 cm apart to prevent him from putting his head in. Another indication is to install mosquito nets on the windows or protective ones on the cradle and ban on smoking in the house, but especially in the room where the children sleep.

2 – Safe games: non-toxic and approved. Beware of inflatable balloons!
The games must be made with non-toxic and non-flammable materials, comply with safety standards and have obtained European approval. Pay particular attention to inflatable latex balloons: they can suddenly break into small pieces and be inhaled if near the child’s mouth.

3 – Bath time: never leave it alone and pay attention to the water temperature
During the bath the greatest risks are burns, but also drowning . 75% of burns are caused by boiling water or steam.

To prevent burns, you can check with a thermometer or your elbow that the hot water temperature is always below 48 degrees.

You can prevent drowning risks by avoiding leaving children alone in the tub. The little ones can be in danger even without launching any alarm signal, suddenly (you lose consciousness within two minutes) and in a space of just 5 cm of water.

To make the ‘ritual’ of the bath safe, as well as fun, use non-slip mats on the ground and impact protection on the taps.

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We have you covered on all possible situations and needs. From the right equipments from eye wears to gloves to respiratory protective equipment to anything else. You can have it all here. You must also ensure that the equipment is of suitable size and make sure to get training or read the manual beforehand to ensure PPE’s apt usage. Which is all available here. So, lift away the fear and do what is required without any fear.

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