Product Launch DuPont Tyvek Xpert Coveralls

Tyvek Coverall Classic Xpert

Shop For Safety is now stocking the Tyvek Classic Xpert coveralls from DuPont.
These fantastic coveralls offer protection against a huge range of threats, from water based chemical liquid splashes, asbestos, pharmaceutical and radioactive particulates to biological hazards.
The difference is in the details.
Since creating the market leading coverall, we have been listening, testing and tweaking – all in the name of refinement and improvement, detail by detail. The result is the all new TYVEK® Classic Xpert with superior protection, ergonomics and comfort.

DuPont Tyvek Classic Xpert Coveralls Infographic

Shop For Safety sells the the Tyvek Classic Xpert coveralls in 5 or 10 units, we don’t sell singles, but you can mix sizes:

White – 5 pieces
White – 10 pieces
Orange – 5 units
Orange – 10 units