Shop For Safety stocks high quality earmuffs. Make sure to check out our full range.

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Shop For Safety stocks high quality earmuffs from several top safety brands. Please check out our wide range of styles.
Send us a question if you are not sure which model will be best suited for the type of work you will be performing.

Shop For Safety is closing down on 19/12/2019.
We will be closed for about 9 months, re-opening in September 2020.
We would like to apologise for letting our clients down during all these months.
We are very sorry!
We are a family run business and after running Shop For Safety for almost 10 years, we really need a break.
Children grow up very fast, they will soon be adults and follow their own paths, so we decided to go on a backpacking trip together and spend time as a family.
We will still be able to help clients with warranty issues, refund and exchanges, but replies might be a bit slow.
During the trip, we will be searching for new suppliers and products, so please come back in late 2020 when we re-open.

Best wishes,

Luciana and the Shop For Safety team