New Supplier – Sundstrom

Sundstrom SR90-3 Half Mask

Shop For Safety is very proud to become an official reseller for Sundstrom products in Australia.
Sundstrom is a Swedish brand. Traditionally Swedish products are famous for their quality and safety. And as you know, here at Shop For safety, we search the globe for innovative, quality products, which we test and research all we can about it, before we decide to list it. We are committed to finding new product and quality is the most important thing we look for in new items.

Sundström Safety AB was founded in 1926 by Ivan Sundström who was a mining engineer and realised at an early stage the need for protecting the eyes and lungs of miners.
Since 1926 Sundström Safety have been dedicated to protect people against polluted air.
Ivan Sundström observed that the eyes and lungs of miners had to be protected and therefore sought a solution and we have now carried this task with us through and into the 21st century. Sundström Safety has invested vast resources into product development and their product reflect that. Sundström’s objective has been to create products that are user-friendly with highest protection level.
Sundström says:
“We can present a complete system with various respiratory protective devices for most applications occurring in the market and we do so stretching globally. Our imagination has through the years led us to create products with a long lifetime and with the rapid advancement in technological knowledge there is no limits to how far our future system will span, protecting generation after generation from polluted air. We always endeavour to offer the best possible protection. So in the future it is our goal not just to provide products that keep you safe but entire systems specifically fitted for your needs, the simple need to keep breathing”.

At Shop For Safety, we stock a good range of Sundström products and we can certainly get other items, which are not listed on our website.