New Product Range: 3M Versaflo Respiratory Systems

The 3M Versaflo is a Highly Versatile PAPR System.

When comfort is designed into respiratory protection products, workers can focus on the work and not the PPE.

The 3M™ Versaflo™ Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) system tries to do just that – engineered for versatility and customization, so safety managers can build the system that works for their employees. Choose from a wide range of headgear, breathing tubes and air sources to customize a PAPR solution that works for your environments.

Simplified selection, increased versatility and improved user comfort for applications ranging from pharmaceutical to healthcare, to manufacturing and heavy industry. 

The 3M Versaflo Respirator Systems greatly reduce the pressure on the face, breathing resistance, and heat build-up when compared to non-powered and supplied air tight-fitting face pieces. The Versaflo Respirator Systems provide all-day comfort for the user.

3M Versaflo Respirators provide flowing air to the user, reducing the additional breathing effort required for half and full face piece respirators. This increases user comfort at all times, but is especially important during periods of
strenuous labour.

The Versaflo Range has a number of Kits, Powered Air Systems, Breathing Tubes and Headtops, Hoods and Helmets for you to choose from.