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“Would you like to relax and have some peace of mind?

Shop For Safety has hundreds of quality products to keep you, your family and/or employees safe.”

Shop For Safety is a family business, located in Australia.

We have no retail shop front, which means less overheads and better prices for our clients.

We search the globe for innovative safety products, which you can purchase online from the comfort of your home or even from your mobile phone anywhere, anytime.

Shop For Safety only stocks products from suppliers whom we can trust to manufacturer quality products. Our main goal is not to compete with bargain stores. We strive to offer the best possible prices, but we won’t compromise on quality or customer service.

Shop For Safety’s category ranges are:

* Work Safety

* Fire Safety

* First Aid

* Child Safety

* Home Safety

* Personal Safety

Shop For Safety is a trading name, the registered company name is Safety Nets For Life Pty Lty, ABN: 60150316573.

Owners Luciana Muratori and Karl Paroli are expats based in Sydney, Australia. They opened Safety Nets For Life, a business that imports an innovative safety nets system from South America, in 2011. The system is used to childproof windows, balconies stairs and other openings.In August, 2013, Safety Nets For Life celebrated its second year of operations with great success. Along these two years, several clients asked about other safety products and solutions, such as safety gates, window restrictors, fire safety and others products, so Shop For Safety was a natural business expansion. The business kicked off in August 2013 as an Ebay store, which is still operating and doing very well. This online store has been launched in September, 2014.Feedback we have received: Ebay Feedback