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Choosing the right hearing protection for work

Hearing loss due to industrial noise such as machinery and traffic is one of the largest yet preventable workplace injuries. In fact, noise-induced hearing loss is 100% preventable. The ability to communicate, to speak and listen to others is fundamental to participation in work, education, social activities and the community at large. Hearing Loss may […]

New Supplier – Sundstrom

Sundstrom SR90-3 Half Mask

Shop For Safety is very proud to become an official reseller for Sundstrom products in Australia. Sundstrom is a Swedish brand. Traditionally Swedish products are famous for their quality and safety. And as you know, here at Shop For safety, we search the globe for innovative, quality products, which we test and research all we […]

Parachute cord bracelets are a useful survival tool

Parachute Cord Bracelets Parachute bracelets or paracord bracelets, are a fashion “must have” item these days. But what can you do with these things? How do they work apart from as an ornament in your wrist? Paracord is a slim nylon rope with 7-9 inner strands of nylon. Composed of 2-3 threads, the inner strands […]

Be aware of scammers targeting small business – Tips to keep a business safe

Be aware of scammers targeting small business

Be aware of scammers targeting small business – tips to keep a business safe At Shop For Safety, we constantly get phone and emails calls from scammers. I believe it is important to share these stories and alert other business owners and offer tips to keep a business safe. Please read on, be aware and […]