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Safety Tips for Remote and Off-Road Travel

Off road trip safety equipment tips

Travelling off-road or in remote areas of Australia is nothing like throwing a suitcase in the boot and driving from one town or city to another. You must plan a remote or off-road trip with great care to avoid major mishaps that can destroy your holiday or adventure. Safety is a major concern on Outback […]

Parachute cord bracelets are a useful survival tool

Parachute Cord Bracelets Parachute bracelets or paracord bracelets, are a fashion “must have” item these days. But what can you do with these things? How do they work apart from as an ornament in your wrist? Paracord is a slim nylon rope with 7-9 inner strands of nylon. Composed of 2-3 threads, the inner strands […]