Female Travel: Essential Safety Tips

Female Travel: Essential Safety Tips

It’s always a wonderful experience to travel with close friends or a significant other. You get to create lasting memories together and participate in different activities you normally wouldn’t back home. There is a rather compelling case for traveling alone though. It may seem intimidating at first but stepping out of your comfort zone helps […]

A guide to prevent workplace accidents: Attention and knowledge are required before the purchase of safety equipment supplies.

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

The purchase of safety equipment supplies is often undervalued and overlooked Management strives hard to continually improve upon quality in most industries, yet they often ignore the safety or well-being of their employees when purchasing safety equipment. When it comes to safety equipment supplies, the cheapest option is often the worst option. Most times, there […]

Safety Tips for Remote and Off-Road Travel

Off road trip safety equipment tips

Travelling off-road or in remote areas of Australia is nothing like throwing a suitcase in the boot and driving from one town or city to another. You must plan a remote or off-road trip with great care to avoid major mishaps that can destroy your holiday or adventure. Safety is a major concern on Outback […]

Danger Alert – The sale of counterfeit safety equipment is rife in Australia

counterfeit products apprehension

The number of fake, counterfeit safety equipment in the Australian market is alarming. A quick search on Ebay Australia will bring up hundreds of potentially fake safety items. For example, you will find safety respirators such as the 3M half-face respirators 6000 series for AU$9.29 plus $2.99 postage from Brisbane to Sydney (Jun 2019). Shop […]

Choosing the right hearing protection for work

Hearing Loss Cartoon

Hearing loss due to industrial noise such as machinery and traffic is one of the largest yet preventable workplace injuries. In fact, noise-induced hearing loss is 100% preventable. The ability to communicate, to speak and listen to others is fundamental to participation in work, education, social activities and the community at large. Hearing Loss may […]

Howard Leight Bluetooth Wireless Earmuffs ** NEW PRODUCT **

Howard Leight SYNC Bluetooth Wireless

Howard Leight Bluetooth Wireless Earmuffs – Class 5 protection The Howard Leight SYNC Bluetooth has a Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. It protects hearing while allowing the user to take calls without having to remove the Earmuffs. It also allows users to stream music without hazardous cords while keeping their phone or mp3 player stored safely in […]

Product Launch DuPont Tyvek Xpert Coveralls

Tyvek Coverall Classic Xpert

Shop For Safety is now stocking the Tyvek Classic Xpert coveralls from DuPont. These fantastic coveralls offer protection against a huge range of threats, from water based chemical liquid splashes, asbestos, pharmaceutical and radioactive particulates to biological hazards. The difference is in the details. Since creating the market leading coverall, we have been listening, testing […]