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Top Tips for Working at Heights

Safety At Heights Stock Picture

Top Tips for Working at Heights: Working at heights, whether at home or on the job, can be a very dangerous proposition. Falls are debilitating and deadly. And it takes just one mistake to turn a routine task into a fatality. But not to worry! While safety at heights is of the utmost importance, we’re […]

Safety is good for profits

You Profit from Safety

Everybody knows that work safety is important, but unfortunately, sometimes there is a misconception that profits should always come first. When it comes to safety, this is not true. Why not? If something goes wrong at work the 2 major risks are injury or death. These two risks should need no explanation. Improved safety training, […]

Howard Leight Bluetooth Wireless Earmuffs

Howard Leight SYNC Bluetooth Wireless

Howard Leight Bluetooth Wireless Earmuffs – Class 5 protection The Howard Leight SYNC Bluetooth has a Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. It protects hearing while allowing the user to take calls without having to remove the Earmuffs. It also allows users to stream music without hazardous cords while keeping their phone or mp3 player stored safely in […]

Product Launch
DuPont Tyvek Xpert Coveralls

Tyvek Coverall Classic Xpert

Shop For Safety is now stocking the Tyvek Classic Xpert coveralls from DuPont. These fantastic coveralls offer protection against a huge range of threats, from water based chemical liquid splashes, asbestos, pharmaceutical and radioactive particulates to biological hazards. The difference is in the details. Since creating the market leading coverall, we have been listening, testing […]

How to successfully back up e-commerce stores

How to successfully back up an e-commerce store If you own or manage an e-commerce store, your website is your biggest asset. Without it, your business is doomed. If something would happen to it, you would panic and probably pay thousands of dollars to get it fixed. . A couple of weeks ago, hackers took […]