3M Earmuffs for Children

3M Peltor Kid EarmuffPink

3M Earmuffs for Children

The 3M Peltor Kids Earmuffs are specially designed for younger wearers up to about 7 years old.
** Tested to EN352-1, SNR27dB (Certified to European Standard)

The earmuffs will protect against moderate levels of noise in everyday situation such as social and leisure activities.
Comfortable and fun children’s ear defenders the 3M Peltor Kids are suitable for smaller head sizes.
The 3m Peltor offers consistent level of comfort when worn for long periods. This is because the earmuffs have wide sealing rings, filled with unique combination of fluid and foam. It makes them so soft and comfortable to wear, your little one won’t be wanting to take it off.
Smooth design with no protruding parts to catch on things.

* The average noise reduction provided by wearing this product is 27dB SNR.

Available here:
* 3M Peltor Earmuffs For Kids – Green
* 3M Peltor Earmuffs For Kids – Pink

Hearing loss from exposure to very loud noises is irreversible. It’s also cumulative, so the more times a young child is exposed to the noise the more potential there is for hearing loss.
Taking a child to a football game or any other loud event once is not a problem. But if you are a season ticket holder and you consider taking your child with you to most games, then you should definitely buy these earmuffs

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in the USA reports that more than 15 minutes of exposure to noise over 100 decibels will begin to damage the ear’s ability to hear. And it’s even more dangerous for children than for adults.

Aside from the fact that infants may perceive a sound as much higher – up to 20 dB louder – than an older child or an adult (NYT), young kids can’t always articulate the fact that their ears are hurting them.