Top Tips for Working at Heights:

Working at heights, whether at home or on the job, can be a very dangerous proposition. Falls are debilitating and deadly. And it takes just one mistake to turn a routine task into a fatality.
But not to worry! While safety at heights is of the utmost importance, we’re here to show you the best way to do it.
1. Use a railing. Passive protection is the easiest way to keep yourself and your workers safe. No one has to do anything! (Other than stay inside the railings of course.)

2. Use a complete fall arrest system. This includes a safety harness, self-retracting lifelines, karabiners, rope of the correct tensile strength and appropriate length, and anchors. Research your needs, and the equipment that best fits those needs. And ensure your equipment meets all applicable standards and regulations.

3. Conduct regular equipment inspections. Inspect your equipment every time prior to using it. If you’re not inspecting it, it could fail at anytime.

4. Educate yourself. Even if you are just working on your own roof at home, educate yourself about safety at heights. Make sure you know how to properly use all your equipment. Make sure you understand fall distances, and the mathematics behind determining what anchor points will support your weight (because it’s not just your weight, but a factor of two).
No one wants a fall, whether from a low height or not. Use these techniques to ensure that never happens. Stay safe!
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Research and writing by Kristen Lowrey.