Everybody knows that work safety is important, but unfortunately, sometimes there is a misconception that profits should always come first. When it comes to safety, this is not true. Why not?

If something goes wrong at work the 2 major risks are injury or death.
These two risks should need no explanation. Improved safety training, awareness and the use of good quality safety equipment can help save lives and reduce injury.
Along with the two risks cited above, there is the financial impact, which can be in the form of corporate financial loss or property damage.
All businesses must be profitable to survive.  
Death and injury impact the company psychologically, financially and maybe even legally. Therefore, to minimise risk to life, reduce financial loss and property damage is in the best interest for both employers and employees of any company.
One of the best ways for a company to put their employees first is to have a set of safety policies in place, in the form of a written statement and to implement proper safety training and education. Proper safety procedures must be in place and reviewed periodically.
The best part about having safety related policies in any company is that it creates a strong employee base. Employees tend to rely on the company, knowing that their health will be well taken care of. They are less likely to be worried, which makes them able to focus on their jobs thus increasing productivity.
Managers and supervisors should remain proactive when it comes to safety procedures and the use of safety equipment.
The use of adequate and good quality safety equipment is also very important. The purchase of safety items must be decided after though-rough research and provided to the employees in good working order.

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